Kevin-John Studio

Official TIKIFest 2016 Lithograph (LE 299)

Created exclusively for TIKIFest 2016 at Walt Disney World. 

TIKIFest is a special event held annually at Walt Disney World for fans of the Tiki lifestyle. 

Disney Artist Kevin-John has been commissioned to create the official art for TIKIFest 2016 and this is your opportunity to collect one of the 299 prints available. 
This piece is a delightful homage to the rum-loving octopus of Trader Sam's fame. 

Each lithograph is signed and numbered to ONLY 299 pieces and will sell out rapidly.

11x17 inches


Hand signed and numbered by the artist

Limited edition of 299

***Prints will ship the first week of August 2016***

35 USD